Frequently Asked QuestionsGet Answers to Common NCLEX Questions

Taking the NCLEX

What are the eligibility requirements for taking the NCLEX?
How do I register for the NCLEX?
How do I go about making a change to my registration with Pearson VUE?
I have registered for the NCLEX, when will I get my Authorization to Test (ATT) email?
Can I take the NCLEX at a test center outside of my desired jurisdiction of licensure/registration?
What forms of identification are accepted at the test center?
Which names need to match on my ID and the ATT?
Does the address on my ID need to match the address on my ATT?
When will I get my results?
Will I lose my NCLEX registration fee if I cannot cancel my appointment at least 24-hours ahead of time?
May I get a refund for any NCLEX fees?
Can you recommend review courses and/or study materials to help me prepare for the NCLEX?
How can I lodge a concern at the test center?
Is there a separate NCLEX-RN for Canadians and Australians?
What reference materials are available in French?

How the NCLEX Works

Can a candidate skip questions?
Is it true that candidates who receive the minimum number of items and the last item is "easy" will fail the examination?
If a candidate fails with 60 items, does this mean they did very poorly?
When candidates retake the exam do they start at the same difficulty/ability level 'where they left off' from the previous examination?
On the Candidate Performance Report (CPR), what does 'Near the Passing Standard' mean statistically?
Why do candidates only get performance reports if they fail?

What the Exam Looks Like

Will students have exams that focus on nursing specialties?
How does the NCLEX address terminology differences between jurisdictions using the NCLEX?
Does the NCLEX bold key words in items?
Does NCSBN use generic and trade names on items with medications?
Is there a 'need to know' list of drugs for the NCLEX?
Which units of measurement will be used with lab values on the NCLEX exam?
What is an integrated process?
At what cognitive level is the NCLEX written?
What is the readability level of the NCLEX?
Are NCLEX item banks rotated?
What is an alternate item format?
Is there a certain percentage of alternate items on the NCLEX?
How are alternate items scored?
Do calculation items have a decimal place?
When should a candidate round a calculation item?
Can candidates answer an exhibit item and move to the next item even if they did not open all of the exhibit tabs?

Creating the NCLEX & Passing Standard

How do you keep up with current practice with questions in the pool and how often are they reviewed?
How is the NCLEX translated?
What is the definition of the 'entry-level nurse'?
Does the practice analysis include nurses from all jurisdictions using the NCLEX?
Does the practice analysis capture information regarding nursing specialties?
How do the results of the practice analysis translate to a new test plan?
Can you explain more about the panel processes including representation, qualification requirements and the recruitment process for entry-level nurses?
What is the rationale behind the criteria for item writers and reviewers?
Is NCSBN going to continue to develop new types of innovative/alternate items?
What is the timeline for evaluating the NCLEX passing standards?
How will the change in the passing standard affect the pass rate?

Preparing Students for the NCLEX

What can nursing schools do to prepare for the NCLEX exam? Is there anything educators should be doing to assist students?
What information will schools receive regarding the school’s candidates performance?
How do I get information on workshops for item writing in my area?

COVID-19 Impact to NCLEX Candidates

Why was my NCLEX appointment unscheduled?
How can I schedule/reschedule my NCLEX appointment?
Which test centers are open?
Can I take any breaks?
When will I receive my results?
Am I required to wear a face mask?
Will there be a delay in receiving my Authorization to Test (ATT)?
Can I still request accommodations for my NCLEX?
If my acceptable identification (ID) has expired, am I able to test?

COVID-19 for Educators and Nursing Regulatory Bodies (NRBs)

What should NRBs do with new registrants?
Will candidates be able to test in a safe environment?
Is there information I should share with my students and/or candidates?
How should the NRBs process candidates with testing accommodations?
If candidates are unable to renew their identification (ID), will they be able to test with an expired ID?
How can NRBs see which test centers are open?

NCLEX Practice Exam FAQs

If I pass the NCLEX Practice Exam, will I pass the NCLEX?
I exited the test and when I got back, it ended. Can I receive a new exam?
What should I do if I experience technical issues?
How long will I be able to access my exams?
Why can't I go back and review the previous questions?
I feel like the practice exam did not help me prepare for the NCLEX, can I get a refund?
How is the NCLEX Practice Exam scored?
Why doesn't my score report show me the questions I got right or wrong?
Can I access my NCLEX Practice Exam on a tablet or mobile device?
I purchased the wrong exam. I purchased RN but I meant to purchase PN, can you switch it?
Can I buy the NCLEX Practice Exam for my students?
Where can I access the NCLEX tutorial prior to my exam?